ISO 9001 - EN 1090 - EN 15085

has a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2014 to ensure the smooth operation of the production, as well as customer support service.

INDUSTA establishes a series of general objectives, with the aim of ensure the quality management system:

  • Increase customer satisfaction (needs and expectations) through the effective implementation of quality management system, reducing claims and returns.

  • Continuously improve the quality management system and processes.

  • Provide the necessary resources to ensure, maintain and improve continuously the efficacy of quality management system. 

  • Increase sales and percentages of budgets approved.
  • Improve relations with suppliers and subcontractors (communication) and their assessment, in order that they can gradually reduce the incidence of delivery and non-conformities related to such providers.

  • Increase yields obtained in work orders executed.

All with the ultimate aim of improving the service to customers by consolidating the company's position in the market and ensuring the improving profitability.

In addition, INDUSTA is currently certified according to EN 15085, which allows it to undertake welding projects derived from the railway sector and EN 1090 for make welded structures with requirements of CE mark.

Likewise, INDUSTA is actually in the implementation of the ISO 9100 standard for the manufacture of aeronautical components.

In summary, the direction of  INDUSTA searches the continuous improvement through setting quality objectives and continuously reviewing the overall objectives.

The heads of INDUSTA’s departments undertakes to disseminate among the staff of his department guidelines and objectives in terms of quality that indicates the management of INDUSTA.