The Company


INDUSTA is integrated in the metal-mechanical sector, founded in 1996. Its industrial activity is mainly focused on providing a wide range of services to different industrial sectors.

During this period, INDUSTA, has experienced remarkable growth fervent technical and corporate level that has allowed it to adapt to the demands and market changes. This is the result mainly to the three pillars that define the internal policy of the company: product quality, service quality and promoting training and continuous improvement

Our portfolio of customers consists of strong groups of companies from different industrial sectors such as the automotive, railway, aviation, shipbuilding, paper and wood, Horto-fruit, steel, defence and energy sectors.

The company currently has 6,000 square meters of facilities distributed among the different areas of activity that allows attend and solve the needs of customers. The quick response, adaptation to customer’s requirements and quality of our manufacturing processes, are our target for the satisfaction of our customers.