EN 15085.

INDUSTA is certified according to EN 15085. This standard establishes the requirements for the welding of components and assemblies with application in the railway sector.

EN 1090.
INDUSTA is also certified according to EN 1090 to make welded steel structures that require the CE mark.

In INDUSTA we have the qualifications of welding procedures and welders necessary for welding carbon steels, stainless steels, aluminium alloys and castings, according to the current regulations for the different welding processes (TIG, MIG MAG,...).
Also, INDUSTA has a technical office specialized in welding which defines and sets specific welding procedures for each project. Therefore, we can offer the best guaranteed solution that each job requires. We have the necessary resources (brakes, shears, presses, ovens ...) to make any light or heavy works.

Moreover, in recent years, Industa has positioned itself as one of the major National manufacturers of moulds and formwork for large and small components of reinforced concrete.